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Unique Pet Names

Unique Pet Name Table

The table belows lists a random selection of 20 Pet Names from the approximately 10,000 Pet names we have in our collection of names. Note: You won't be able to get back to this page again since it's a random selection of pet names.

Tip: To keep a list of pet names you like. Use the 'I Like' checkbox to mark pet names below then press the 'Save My Names' button at the bottom. This will add the pet names to the 'My Favorites' list at left. You'll be able to save the list as a text file. Choose CSV if you want to open the list in a spreadsheet program such as Excel. Pet names on your 'My Favorites' list are in bold on the table below and the checkbox is both checked & disabled. The 'My Favorites' list is maintained until you close the browser.

Press F5=Refresh to see another set of random Pet Names. Some of the names will be popular pet names, so use the rank column to determine uniqueness of the pet name listed. A rank over 40 is a very unique name. The higher the pet name rank the more unique the pet name is.

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